18 February 2019 - 20:00



Palermo president Rino Foschi has called for the club to look to the future after a turbulent few months in the boardroom.

“I’m a caretaker,” he said. “Zamparini is not involved anymore. The shares belong to me now, not Zamparini. I’m holding them – I need to find a buyer. It’s not easy. This is the first step and I hope that we have new owners within a month.

“We’ve created a new group. The Mirri family has bought the advertising rights and I will always be grateful to them because they’ve made it possible for us to avoid a penalty.”

Foschi also spoke passionately about Palermo as a football club.

“Regardless of what people say, Palermo represents the fifth-biggest city in Italy – we should be proud of that,” he said. “We’re known in Italy, Europe and America. It was a spectacular 15 years with Zamparini, but then something stopped working.”

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