23 February 2019 - 11:45



The city's reawakening fills me with joy and I am happy to see so much interest in our team.

We have managed to close a difficult chapter by acquiring the ownership of the club from the English group and by selling advertising space to the Mirri family, who as professionals in their field and fans of Palermo Calcio have completed an excellent deal. In addition, there are two very important groups willing to offer this club a bright future. I am proud of what Ms De Angeli and I have done: we have overcome all sorts of difficulties and we are continuing to work for the good of this club.

I would like to thank the Mirri family once more for the affection they have shown this club but since the deal was completed I have read stories that are hurtful: Palermo Calcio is solving its problems with great professionalism and I can personally guarantee that we will not need a popular shareholding to pay our players' wages in March.

This sort of news creates anxiety in the dressing room and is not good for the team, who must remain focused solely on this crucial end of the season.

Once again, I would like to reassure our fantastic fans that we do not need a “whip-round” to pay for the players' next wages.

We are Palermo Calcio and we are a serious club.

Rino Foschi

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