23 August 2018 - 14:44



In light of the press release issued by Follieri Capital Limited's External Relations office today, we wish to make the following statement.

Negotiations with Mr Follieri and the FHolding Group – the UAE-based company owned by Mr Follieri – in relation to the possible acquisition of U.S. Città di Palermo SpA are ongoing. However, we are still waiting to receive the contact details of the bank official who is to certify the existence of funds, and to be contacted by Mr Follieri's appointed law firm, so that the appropriate preliminary checks can be conducted to ensure the transaction is successful and safeguard the club's future.

We wish to reiterate that there is no prejudice towards the Follieri Group or any other parties who have approached the owners regarding the acquisition of U.S. Città di Palermo SpA. The sale of the club can only be finalised once checks on a potential buyer's financial solidity and reliability have been completed.

No further comment will be made with regard to negotiations so as not to compromise ongoing talks with Follieri and other groups.

At present we can only confirm that no formal offer has been formulated by the Follieri group and that negotiations will be able to proceed swiftly once the information requested has been provided and preliminary checks have been conducted.

Sergio Anania

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