24 October 2018 - 19:21



With this statement, I wish to show the fans and the city of Palermo just how false the version of the facts outlined in the statement released by Follieri is.

On 13 August 2018, Follieri presented the lawyer Sergio Anania from the Withers law firm with a document from Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. The document showed a deposit of €40,000,000 cash or credit line into the account of Follieri Capital Ltd.

Follieri informed the Palermo press that the required guarantee had been supplied.

The checks undertaken by Anania and our legal representative in London at the bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt showed that the document and the signatures contained in the document were fakes.

A copy of the fake document has been sent via mail to the Pantaleone law firm and is available to the press.

Nonetheless, the Withers law firm continued to gauge Follieri’s interest and give him the possibility to provide the required guarantees for the running of Palermo football club, which was the sole condition required to be fulfilled before the process of the sale of the club could begin. Nothing was to be given to me for the transfer of ownership – this was about capital being injected into Palermo.

On 3 October 2018, a letter of interest was accepted including the carrying values and assets of the club, as well as the proviso that I would not negotiate the sale of the club with anyone else until 19 October 2018, the last day of the verification period for the documents provided. If all of the checks undertaken by Follieri went well, financial guarantees would be provided by 21 October 2018, with the deal to be closed – provided all the guarantees were real and accepted – by 24 October 2018.

According to the offer, Follieri would assume the Alyssa debt of €22,800,000. This guaranteed liquidity was to be transferred to Palermo’s bank accounts quickly, allowing the club to clear its debt and deal with future costs for this season in the correct manner.

As per their statement, Anania and the Withers law firm received no actual guarantees, merely worthless copies of paper documents.

We would not have made any of this public had it not been for the astounding statement made by Follieri’s company today.

Our legal team is monitoring any further comments he makes.

Maurizio Zamparini

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